Digital Platforms For Social Inclusion

Inclusive Growth Through Inclusive Technologies

Empowering small entrepreneurs such as farmers, artisans and waste-pickers with technology that creates a level-playing field

Livelihood Innovation at Grassroots Level

Embedding engineers in villages and slums to jointly discover solutions with farmers, waste-pickers, artisans

Co-creating Domain Solutions that Work

Co-creating domain solutions with partners and ensuring their success through reference implementations

Digitizing Solutions Through Inclusive Platforms

Codifying solution models and making them digitally accessible to micro-entrepreneurs, social businesses and other players in the eco-system

Delivering Scale Through Partnerships

Partnering with governments, social businesses, corporates and international organizations to collectively deliver impact at scale

Building Inclusive and Sustainable Societies through Digital Platforms 

I Got Crops

A farmer empowerment platform to enable the farmer to sell directly to the consumer and earn more income.

I Got Garbage

A total waste management platform to improve the livelihood of a waste picker and ensure fewer landfills for the citizens.

I Got Skills

A skills management platform that enhances individual skills and helps get a job of one’s choice.

University of Commons

A societal change management solution to address the persistent social issues in the communities.

I Got Knowledge

An education platform to enrich rural education ecosystem.

Impact Delivered


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Transactions at the Grass Roots 



Partners in the Journey to Build Inclusive Societies 


Dignified Livelihood for Wastepickers - A look into the journey of Muniswamy, Composting Consultant

Mindtree.Org in Media Launches Social Inclusion Platform to Democratize Technology for Micro-Entrepreneurs

December 11, 2018 partners with Vrutti, Industree Foundation and the Disha project to Empower 1.3 lakh farmers across Six Indian states

February 27, 2018 partners with Delhi Government to empower Government schools through technology interventions.

January 3, 2018

Success Stories

I Got Skills - Job Seeker

See how Amaresh improved his skills and found the job of his choice through I Got Skills platform.

I Got Crops - Farmer

See how Muniamma increased her annual revenue 3X through I Got Crops platform.

I Got Crops - Consumer

See how Raji’s decision to eat high quality food changed the life and lifestyle of a farmer.

Consulting - IGG

See the impact of a technology framework on livelihood generation and supply chain traceability in plastic waste recycling.

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A change in society comes when like-minded people come together and work towards a common goal. We welcome you to join hands with us to accelerate the social inclusion journey  

Digital platform to help small farmer climb up the agri value chain

Micro-business solutions to convert waste pickers into recycling managers

Digital platform for skilling

A platform for citizens to discover and solve chronic problems

Community platform to enrich the education ecosystem


The central and state Governments who want to execute their livelihood programs

Social Businesses

NGOs and Social Businesses who either want to play a part or run the initiative


Contribute to the volunteerism and play a part building inclusive socities

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Bring in global best practices and utilize your funds on the right causes


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