We are a digital platform for social inclusion.

We make digital technology and professional services accessible to millions of people working in India’s informal sector. 

It’s all about the ‘power of independent entreprenuers’

The concept of the “Power of Independent Entrepreneurs” is central to everything we do at Mindtree.org. Independent Entrepreneurs (IEs) are millions working in the informal sector, who take real business risks each day. They are the farmers, waste-pickers, artisans, vegetable vendors, and the likes. In a world with diminishing jobs, the IEs will play a central role in creating the future of an inclusive economy.

We enable IEs by working with government agencies, social partners, funders, impact investors and citizen groups to co-create solutions for socioeconomic transformations. These solutions consist of vibrant marketplaces, networked communities, scalable micro-businesses and social security solutions.

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Transactions at the grass roots

Our Values and Core Principles

Inclusive growth through inclusive technologies

Empowering small entrepreneurs, such as farmers, artisans, and waste-pickers with technology to create a common playing field

Livelihood innovation at grassroots level

Embedding engineers in villages and slums to jointly discover solutions with farmers, waste-pickers, artisans

Co-creating domain solutions that work

Co-creating domain solutions with partners and ensuring their success through reference implementations

Digitizing solutions through inclusion platforms

Codifying solution models and making them digitally accessible to micro-entrepreneurs, social businesses and other players in the eco-system

Delivering scale through partnerships

Partnering with governments, social businesses, corporates and international organizations to collectively deliver impact at scale

Humble beginnings of a long and an ambitious journey

Mindtree.Org is a CSR initiative of Mindtree Limited. The division started in 2012 as a part of the organization’s effort to contribute to society through its expertise in business, consulting and technology. The journey started with our first intervention to tackle the challenges of urban solid waste management. This led to the creation of I Got Garbage; our first digital platform offering. I Got Garbage brought waste-pickers, urban local bodies, social partners and citizens together to generate livelihoods and create environmental impact. Today, Mindree.org offers a host of domain solutions focused at livelihood, skilling, entrepreneurship and community engagement.

The young experts that make it all possible

At the core, all our work is done by a team of young professionals who aspire to leave a mark with their work. Driven with a sense of purpose, our team takes each day as an opportunity to contribute through their expertise. Going forward we hope to continue partnering with many more individuals and organizations who strive to create a better more inclusive world.

Digital platform to help small farmer climb up the agri value chain

Micro-business solutions to convert waste pickers into recycling managers

Digital platform for skilling

A platform for citizens to discover and solve chronic problems

Community platform to enrich the education ecosystem


The central and state Governments who want to execute their livelihood programs

Social Businesses

NGOs and Social Businesses who either want to play a part or run the initiative


Contribute to the volunteerism and play a part building inclusive socities

International Organizations

Bring in global best practices and utilize your funds on the right causes


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