Community-Owned Value Marks and Brands

‘At least 70% of the retail price must directly reach the producer’

In a market crowded with brands, our effort is to give a marginal farmer access to a set of royalty-free brands and value mark enabling them to have a stronger positioning in both rural and urban markets. These are made available royalty-free to marginal farmers.

Our range of commodity value mark and brands are a promise to consumers that products have community ownership, transparent value chain & no unnecessary middlemen pocketing producers’ share. A consumer demanding any product marked with these is insisting on a direct from producers sourcing model (artisans, farmers or independent entrepreneurs from small farms), and that at least 70% of retail price must reach the micro-entrepreneurs.

Our Value Marks and Brand Labels 

The DOT Next mark is an independent consumer label on products that meet the international Fair-trade standards and more. It shows that the product has been certified to offer a better deal to the farmers and workers involved. The mark is recognized by consumers as a social and sustainable development Mark. It inspires trust in consumers that a considered purchase improves the lives of people and communities in developing countries.

DOT Next mark is available via I Got Crops Platform under Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

The DOT Next Brand Labels

Hills & Valleys: Tea, spices, herbs, bamboo, aromatic crops, orchids, etc.

Sun & Soil: 10+ millet products, Pulses, Seeds, Groundnut, Mustard, Jaggery, etc.

Rivers & Planes: Cold pressed oils, Papads, Batters, etc.

These products are available in retail stores, corporate immersion spaces and local re-sellers in Bengaluru. 

MIRI (Made in Rural India) is a brand that offers products which come directly from small farmers and artisans. It is a farmer community owned brand and is open for use to all who produce/procure directly from the farmers and pass on 70% of the retail price to farmers. The brand promises its consumers that all products have been sourced directly from the farmers/artisans and a majority of the retail price (70%) is passed on to rightful owners, the farmers. It also guarantees pure and quality products to the customers.

MIRI brand is available under Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

The Brand Standards

Only the produce procured directly by member artisans/farmers can be marketed under this brand label

A minimum of 70% of the retail price of products sold needs to be paid to member farmers/artisans for their raw produce

The member producer company must successfully clear the “DOT Next Fair Company” accreditation

The member farmer producer company agrees to be subjected to audits, financial or otherwise towards compliance of the above criteria

The DOT NEXT Origins

The DOT Next Label was conceived in June 2017, between Neelam Chibber, Navrun Jacob, Prashant Mehra, Mannat and Devrajan on a trip to Kolli Hills. It is a community owned mark, including federation of cooperatives and farmer producer organizations, and is jointly available to 35,000 producers in Karnataka.

Prashant Mehra, co-founder of & Fractal Farms; Raghunathan Narayanan, founder of Vrutti – Livelihood Resource Center & Catalyst Management Services; and Neelam Chibber, founder of Industree are credited with the success of farmer & artisan ownership model and the DOT Next value mark.

MIRI Origins

The name MIRI (Made in Rural India) was conceived by Satyan Mishra, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Drishtee in 2012, with the objective of enabling the work of rural produces under a Common Community Owned Brand. At that time Prashant, co-founder of & Fractal Farms, was on a sabbatical and was working with farmers in Madhubani, Bihar, while volunteering at Drishtee.

In 2017, when helped farmers of Karnataka get into food retail, it chose to use the MIRI brand, and added Brand Standards (see below) to MIRI to ensure fair usage. Today the MIRI line of products ensure fair price to the producers, by building value chain equity for them and ensuring at least 70% of retail price goes back to the producers.

Can I add the DOT Next Mark, MIRI brand to my own products, campaign & materials?

Yes. Provided you follow the above mentioned DOT Next Standards.

Write to us at with your need and you will receive our assessment questionnaire. Post successful evaluation against all standards, you will receive campaign promotional materials and manual and high-resolution images that can go on your products & marketing collateral.

The process takes three working days for online assessment. Once necessary data and evidence is provided, it takes about two weeks for the final approval

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