Stories From the Field

Here are some of the life-changing, eye-opening and memorable experiences that our team had in the journey so far. 

Get me a new feature…

That is what Parvathy, a homemaker and a farmer, told us as soon as she saw our new module. 

Owning the IGC Story

Here’s the story of our field agent telling the IGC Co-Founder about what IGC is…

Teens will be teens

An eye-opening experience of how teens are the same whether in village or in a city

Grassroots connect with unemployed Indian youth

Two million phone calls and over 250 thousand interactions gave us tremendous insights

Building platforms in an unexplored and non-digitzed market

The fact that job seekers, trainers and employers are not fully aware of. What is it? Read on. 

Running skilling and employment programs at scale

A mammoth experience of handling over half-a-million candidates for jobs in this Indian state

"The waste picker is one of us"

When the ward members say that “waste management” is our problem and the waste picker is one of us, you know that our vision is taking shape. Read on…

Garbage mafia to a waste management partner

IGG is changing society in ways we didnt anticipate. Read on how this garbage mafia leader transformed to build cleaner society.

Burning lungs to burning desire

A five-minute walk into a landfill in UP knocked Prashant out and took months to recover. What about the children living around it? 

Chirag - An intern to an entrepreneur

It was Chirag’s passion that transformed the lives of hundreds of artisans across India.

Naveen - A vision to set up a Youth Parliament in India

Naveen’s journey in representing India at the United Nation Youth Council and actively working towards establishing Youth Parliament in India.

Reshma - Enriching the Right To Education at the grassroots level

A mother of an 8th-grade child now training other parents in neighboring schools on how to build a School Development Plan.

Prashanth – A full-time volunteer and a full-time corporate employee

Prashanth has taken UoC internationally by helping the local artisans from Mysuru to sell their products in the US

Smitha - Took the first step and the friendly neighborhood followed

See how Smitha influenced several localities in Bangalore to segregate waste and reduce the landfills in street corners.

Digital platform to help small farmer climb up the agri value chain

Micro-business solutions to convert waste pickers into recycling managers

Digital platform for skilling

A platform for citizens to discover and solve chronic problems

Community platform to enrich the education ecosystem


The central and state Governments who want to execute their livelihood programs

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NGOs and Social Businesses who either want to play a part or run the initiative


Contribute to the volunteerism and play a part building inclusive socities

International Organizations

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