Dignified Livelihood for Waste Pickers and Fewer Landfills for All Citizens

Enabling the waste pickers to climb up the value chain and earn a dignified livelihood by setting up their own micro-businesses.

Waste-pickers take huge risks every day to ensure that at least 15 percent of trash reaches recycling centers and do not rot at landfills! However, their lives are not easy or even ordinary, being continuously exposed to chemical poisoning and biological infections. Deprived of a dignified place in society, their jobs are one of the most unglamorous and unrewarding professions in the world.

The I Got Garbage (IGG) platform helps the waste-pickers reform their lives and gain respectability in the society. Alongside, it significantly reduces the landfills and makes the environment clean and sustainable.




Kilograms of organic waste composted

9.7 K

Waste pickers

330 K

Waste generators 


Kilograms of waste diverted from landfills


Kilograms of dry waste recycled

Real World Solutions

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Platform

EPR is more than just compliance. It’s understanding of how businesses can create reverse supply chains to holistically address the social and environmental challenge associated with waste recovery. The I Got Garbage platform co-creates technology enabled EPR models for an organization with a focus on building traceability and livelihoods. The supply chain is designed to flow through an inclusive value chain thereby generating livelihoods for waste pickers and reduction in environmental hazards.


Key Modules Include: 

  • Waste Traceability
  • Incentivization Programs

Zero Waste Cities

A simple way to interpret the concept of a zero-waste ward or city is to imagine a territory where the entire waste generated is segregated and processed in a decentralized and eco-friendly manner. This takes a highly integrated approach with factors such as technology, infrastructure, delivery model, community engagement, and governance playing a vital role. I Got Garbage delivers value as an advisor and program partner to urban local bodies by streamlining governance and traceability in creating zero-waste cities. 

Key Modules Include:

  • SWM Master Planning

  • Program Management

  • ULB Capacity Building

  • Community Engagement

  • Replicable “Zero Waste Ward” Model

  • SWM Master Planning

  • Program Management

  • ULB Capacity Building

  • Community Engagement

  • Replicable “Zero Waste Ward” Model

Recycling Marketplace

Researchers suggest that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by weight. The challenges of plastics pollution are omnipresent. The I Got Garbage platform is tackling the challenges of plastic pollution through its plastics recycling marketplace. The marketplace brings together an eco-system of waste pickers, non-profits, ULBs and various traders in the plastics recycling value chain onto a single digital platform. This builds traceability and accountability in the plastic waste recycling operations.

Key Modules Include:

  • Multi-sided Marketplace for Recyclers, waste-pickers, MRF centres

  • Traceable Transactions

  • Market Governance

  • Multi-sided Marketplace for Recyclers, waste-pickers, MRF centres 

  • Traceable Transactions

  • Market Governance

Waste Picker Livelihood

Every time a waste picker picks up a piece of recyclable material from a garbage heap, they create 12 other work opportunities downstream. The waste picker, hence, is a job-creator. The future is about leveraging the core competencies of people and enable their transformation into micro-businesses. I Got Garbage works with urban local bodies and social partners to create technology-enabled inclusive waste management models with a focus on livelihood generation for waste pickers working in the informal sector.

Key Modules Include:

  • Total Waste Management
  • Donate Dry Waste
  • Compost at Home
  • Recycling Centre Management
  • Total Waste Management

  • Donate Dry Waste

  • Compost at Home

  • Recycling Centre Management

Engage With Us

Waste Pickers

Establishing waste-pickers as Independent Entrepreneurs in a formal economy is the core focus of I Got Garbage. We partner with non-profit organizations working with waste-pickers to create avenues for their livelihood and dignified work conditions. We enable waste-pickers through capacity building and access to technology enabled micro-entrepreneurship models.

Urban Local Bodies

Urban Local Bodies need to be more than executors of SWM services. They need to be facilitators of a systemic social and environmental transformation. I Got Garbage partners with ULBs to create a holistic framework for tackling their SWM challenges enabled through structured field operations and digital governance for improved decision making and timely actions.

Sustainable Initiatives

Responsible organizations go beyond profits to address people and planet aspect of their business. We partner with CSR and sustainability initiatives to create livelihood opportunities for waste pickers through inclusive Extended producer responsibility models. Our technology applications bring traceability in the recycling value chain for measurable impacts.

Inclusivity Partners

Co-Creation Partner


Transformation story of a waste picker to an Independent Entrepreneur



Stories From The Field

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