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I Got Skills is an online marketplace for skilling and employment opportunities targeted at the unemployed youth of India. The IGS platform connects job seekers, training providers, employers based on their unique requirements and preferences, and offers career guidance to job seekers based on the required skills and industry demand for their preferred job roles.

Built using a state-of-the-art technology stack, the IGS platform hosts a smart assessment and match-making engine based on National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF), covering over 2200 job roles and 4500 skills from 37 industry sectors. Using this framework, the IGS platform provides career recommendations to job seekers and instantly connects them with training providers and employers based on their interests and skills.




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Trained candidates

Career Guidance for Job Seekers

NSQF-based Skill Assessments

Create Personalized Job Requirements

Real-time Intelligent Match-making

Three-fold Approach

Enable youth to make the right career choices, upskill and get access to job/self-employment market on the basis of their skills and strengths.

Enable employers and training providers to connect and onboard youth for their recruitment and training needs in real time.

Build an integrated skilling and employment ecosystem with candidates, employers, training providers, and Governments/skill development authorities on a common digital platform.

Engage With Us

Consulting and Program Management

IGS delivers end-to-end consulting and large-scale program management solutions for governments, social enterprises, and enables organizations focused on skill development, entrepreneurship, and livelihood. This includes candidate mobilization, career guidance, skill assessments, employer and trainer onboarding, training and employment matchmaking, interview scheduling, placement support, mass communications, and continuous engagement.

Technology Enablement

For Governments and Social Enterprises, IGS provides digital skilling and employment marketplace that is compliant with NSQF (National skills qualification framework), self and assisted career guidance, assessment, and matchmaking framework with over 2200 job roles and 4500 skills. The platform includes a holistic data analytics and reporting framework, and an SMS based notification engine. The platform is available in multiple regional languages in Web and Android versions and is being used by over 500,000 candidates and 10,000 employers. It includes ancillary services like configuration, training, ongoing technical support etc.

Direct Professional Services

IGS offers a wide range of professional services to unemployed youth, training organizations, and business establishments from the blue-collared sector. Unemployed youth can benefit from continuous awareness and access to livelihood opportunities, career guidance, and match-making services. Businesses will find IGS to be a reliable and consistent channel for recruitment, bringing efficiencies and cost savings through intelligent match-making. Training providers associated with IGS find huge benefits through accurate skill demand forecast from the industry, and trainee mobilization for their programs.

Who Is It For?

Job Seekers

Get free life-time access to career guidance, training and employment matchmaking services based on your interests, preferences, real-time job vacancies and training courses.


Identify and recruit the right candidates for your job requirements, through an easy-to-use interface and intelligent match-making algorithm.


IGS hosts an intelligent assessment and match-making engine built on NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework), making it a holistic, highly adaptable solution best-suited for implementing large scale skilling and placement programs.


Create personalized training requirements, view and shortlist suitable profiles from a pool of verified and evaluated candidates, schedule interviews, and on-board them with just a few clicks.

Retail Major

A Fast Growing Retail Employer


I Got Skills is very useful and it is easy to navigate the platform. We got candidates suitable for the positions all at one place and what’s more they’re well trained



A Young and a Skilled Employee


“IGS surely helped me to get a job of my choice. Importantly, it helped me to be more confident and to be aware of my skills”


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