Impact Consulting

Co-Creating Socioeconomic Transformations

Co-Create scalable frameworks for socioeconomic transformations to benefit societies across the globe. 


The world is converging to solve some of the most pressing challenges our societies face today. Poverty alleviation, livelihood generation and driving sustainable environmental outcomes are taking a center stage at global forums and local dialogues. At Impact consulting we partner with government agencies, non-profits, industry, and citizens to co-create scalable frameworks of socioeconomic transformations with a focus on environment and livelihoods. We build technology enabled interventions which deliver scalable development impacts on the ground.

Our Approach

We leverage our expertise in design, operations and information technology to make systemic interventions of change

Our Offerings

Co-create Development Models

True development cannot happen in silos.  At Impact Consulting we take a holistic approach towards designing socioeconomic transformations by co-creating development models with our partners in the informal sector, governments, non-profits, academia, industry, and citizen communities.

Design Inclusive Businesses

We leverage expertise in business, design and information technology to develop livelihood and entrepreneurship models for social inclusion. The core philosophy is to make digital technology and business best practices accessible to millions of citizens who work in the informal sector.

Digitize Established Development Models

We work with non-profit organizations and government programs in the domain of Solid waste management, agriculture, skilling, education, and community engagement to codify their established development models and interventions onto the technology platform.

Drive Theory of Change

Societal changes are a culmination of the points of view and ideas coming together to create a new course of future. At we consult with our partners who are change makers to co-create theory of change shaping the course of impact in their industries and domains.

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We work with public institutions & organizations to solve some of the most pressing challenges in the domains of waste management, agriculture, skilling and education.

Social Businesses

Our social partners are NGOs, Social Businesses and Intergovernmental organizations. We work with them at the grass-roots to deliver impact on the ground.


We partner with CSR & sustainability initiatives, impact investors, development grants and social venture funds to structure self-sustainable social development plans

Impact Partners

Partner With Us

A change in society comes when like-minded people come together and work towards a common goal. We welcome you to join hands with us to accelerate the social inclusion journey

Digital platform to help small farmer climb up the agri value chain

Micro-business solutions to convert waste pickers into recycling managers

Digital platform for skilling

A platform for citizens to discover and solve chronic problems

Community platform to enrich the education ecosystem


The central and state Governments who want to execute their livelihood programs

Social Businesses

NGOs and Social Businesses who either want to play a part or run the initiative


Contribute to the volunteerism and play a part building inclusive socities

International Organizations

Bring in global best practices and utilize your funds on the right causes


The story behind our mission to build inclusive societies

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