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NGOs and Social Businesses

We’ve always get excited with the passion and the domain knowledge that NGOs and social businesses bring to our solutions. It really helps our solutions to reach masses in simpler but effective ways. 

Why should you partner with us?

  • Manage and track all your programs on our ready-to-use platforms
  • Get access to other NGOs and ecosystem players who complement your vision
  • Leverage our platforms to double your speed in reaching the masses and delivering the impact

Governments and Government Agencies

The central Government and several State Governments within India have announced programs that will uplift the IEs. However, many IEs are either not aware of these programs or do not have enough connects to take advantage of this. Mindtree.Org works with various Governments to ensure that all their programs reach the masses as they were originally designed to be.

Why should you partner with us?

  • Mindtree.Org will fully manage your programs on our platforms
  • Accelerate your program execution and ensure double benefits to the independent entrepreneurs
  • Get access to other NGOs and ecosystem players who complement your vision

Corporates and Institutions

Several corporates and organizations are playing an active role in building inclusive societies. While many such engagements are done in isolated pockets, the others are not delivering appropriate impact. Partnering with us can help you redirect the CSR money and the volunteering activities towards areas that the nation needs the most. 

Why should you partner with us?

  • Focus on societal projects that deliver high impact
  • Get access to NGOs, Governments and ecosystem players who complement your vision
  • Reduce your own carbon footprint through our platforms
  • Unify your employee volunteering and efforts on high priority social projects

International Organizations and Philanthropic Foundations

We believe that long-lasting and continued change can be achieved by sustained international cooperation and exchange of learnings at local levels. We engage with intergovernmental organizations and philanthropic foundations that span multiple geographies to drive the collective theory of change.

Why should you partner with us?

  • Accentuate your efforts in driving local socio-economic transformations by leveraging our hyper-local experience

  • Access our partner organizations and ecosystem players who complement and further your vision

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The central and state Governments who want to execute their livelihood programs

Social Businesses

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International Organizations

Bring in global best practices and utilize your funds on the right causes


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