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Story of an Employer

See how this Retail major hired the right skills at the right time through I Got Skills platform.


How did this employer consistently got people the skills of their choice?

The employer was a retail organization which is growing fast and wanted to double up on their field force. However, their biggest challenge was to find a workforce with the right mix of qualifications, experience, dedication, and loyalty.

The Impact

Making an impact at every level

Role of IGS

The retailer registered through IGS Employer App and created personalized job requirements. They were able to view and shortlist suitable profiles from a pool of verified and evaluated candidates for their requirements, schedule interviews, and recruit them with just a few clicks.

IGS setup tele-counseling and the helpdesk to ensure that the candidates were prepared and were made available immediately for the interviews. 

Some of the candidates with some basic skills were are also given accelerated refresher training to make them job-ready. 

Impact Delivered

The intelligent match-making algorithm, easy-to-use interface and the availability of skilled profiles enabled the retailer to hire people within a few days, which otherwise was spent just in acquiring resumes. 


“I Got Skills is very useful and it is easy to access the site. We got candidates suitable for the positions”

HR Head, Retailer

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