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A platform of active citizens committed to creating impact in their communities.


Just when the world needs it most, new styles of social engagements are emerging, Active Citizenship and Community Entrepreneurship. 

At the University of Commons we explore solving community’s most difficult problems. And rather than making donations or engaging in service opportunity with short-term fixes, we strive to build sustainable, systemic solutions. These solutions need a host of new tools, from technology to frameworks; we require whole new methods that transform volunteers into community entrepreneurs.

To accomplish the mission of mobilizing a hundred thousand active citizens by 2030, UoC has chosen Priority Areas and Inspiring Vehicles that help drive change. We invite young talent from colleges, corporate and neighborhood volunteers to venture into the Universe of Commons and discover a profoundly different way of life.


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Real World Solutions

Participatory Leadership Programs

Leadership cannot be taught in classrooms. The programs at UoC foster the idea of responsibility and empathy within through creatively facilitated workshops. During these programs, participants engage with social entrepreneurs and immerse in complex problem spaces. Young adults from academia and corporate (aged 18 to 40) experience change in the community and in themselves only when they act.

Active citizenship cannot be learned from books. Adolescents, especially, in low-income communities, have too few chances to engage in the enrichment and learning opportunities needed for success in today’s workforce. UoC members serve adolescents (7th, 8th and 9th graders) at a critical point in their development – as they search for their pathway into the adult world.

Volunteering and Fellowships

UoC members, aka Commoners, are the prime movers of change with UoC. The problem they attempt are complex and requires deep leadership skills. Commoning is different from noble but inherently limited tradition of volunteerism. They develop and apply problem-solving skills, and go further to examine the root causes of the problems that inspired them to serve in the first place — problems like poverty, illiteracy, and inequality.

Commoners are transformed into social and business leaders that helps them launch their ventures or get an edge over others in landing their dream jobs.

Neighborhood Improvement Frameworks

The UoC Neighbourhood Improvement Framework provides a context for resident volunteers to work together and unite all sectors of society to create a sustainable impact. The framework ensures a community-based, needs-focused approach focused on grassroots action and results.

UoC works with volunteer groups who take responsibility for their neighborhood and go through a structured process to engage all stakeholders from all sectors of society. Together, residents in partnership with their local leaders and non-profits, develop solutions that work in their areas.

The framework begins with ensuring citizens are healthy by sourcing and consuming food from local farmers that improves the local economy. This helps avoid preservative-led factory-made food that only fuels few large corporates.

Citizens also ensure their neighborhood is clean and waste is well managed. Volunteers drive segregation on one hand and provide livelihood opportunity to waste workers on the other.

Education is the foundation of economic opportunity. Societies progress when citizens empower learning, gain job skills and find work.

Engage With Us

Donors and Grant Makers

Invest in Young People to Change the World!

The UoC funds are utilized to empower Commoners who influence their communities through high impact programs that fuel development in local communities. Our areas of priority are agri-livelihood, skilling and education.

Volunteers and Community Entrepreneurs

Build Stronger Communities, Build Capabilities

We invite neighborhood volunteers, college students, and corporate employees to spearhead projects and develop leadership acumen. Join the movement that challenges the status quo.

Schools, Colleges and Corporates

Build Character and Leadership

We invite corporate, universities and liberal schools and co-design a program that suit your needs. UoC is always looking for likeminded partners to discover leadership cadre and impact communities.

Social Enterprises

Co-create Impactful Community Projects. Hire a Commoner

Share your vision with us and we share ours, we turn projects into citizen-driven movements. Commoners complement and strengthen the workforce of companies, public institutions and civil society organizations.

Inclusivity Partners

Co-Creation Partner

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Digital platform to help small farmer climb up the agri value chain

Micro-business solutions to convert waste pickers into recycling managers

Digital platform for skilling

A platform for citizens to discover and solve chronic problems

Community platform to enrich the education ecosystem


The central and state Governments who want to execute their livelihood programs

Social Businesses

NGOs and Social Businesses who either want to play a part or run the initiative


Contribute to the volunteerism and play a part building inclusive socities

International Organizations

Bring in global best practices and utilize your funds on the right causes


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